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The Europa Diary is a publication that aims to inform about the European Union (EU), its values and opportunities that it offers in the best way possible. For the first time last year, the Diary was available in English.

This is the eleventh time that the Europa Diary was published in Serbia. This sort of informative guide can be of use not only to students, but to teachers as well, as a teaching aid.

The Europa Diary covers a wide range of topics – from the creation of the EU and its institutions, through ecology, human and minority rights, single market and currency, to the opportunities for continuing education in one of the EU member states. The most interesting thing for you may be the debunking of the EU myths that exist in the public. A special part dedicated to the relations between Serbia and the EU aims to familiarise students with the EU negotiations and accession processes.

In this textbook you can learn more about travel, studies, student exchange programmes, funds and scholarships, volunteering, language learning and what awaits you once Serbia has become an EU member state, as well as about lives of your peers in other European countries.

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