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Packaging design

This project was so extraordinary! One of our long standing clients was preparing to launch a brand new product line. A hand care line after years and years of producing only nail art products… “Wanna ride?”, they asked. Totally in! The task was to create the whole concept of the hand cream line, to make a connection with everything else they did and to design packaging.

Should the line be cute? Exotic? Naughty? Simple! It should be simple, clean and precise as their nail art is, it should be soft as someone's hands will be after the using this hand cream.

Then, the most exciting part came – choosing the colors for each of 4 scents. I closed my eyes, smelled the fist one and waited for the feeling to be woken up. It felt like rose after the spring rain - make it mildly pink. Next one felt like sea in the early morning – make it sea blue. Than, I felt just sliced kiwi – can you imagine the color?

And the last one has sent me to the lavender fields and the choice was obvious.

And that’s how we created the 4 scents line of everyday beauties.

Can you feel the scent of the hand cream when you look at this packaging?

If you do, we did the great thing!

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