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Results Report design | United Nations Serbia

We feel very honored when we are engaged on designing papers our clients find very important. One of those cases was designing UN Serbia 2020 Results Report which aim to present UN’s results in Serbia in a nice and comprehensible way. Anyone who reads report should easily understand how good they were in achieving their goals in 2020, what activities were in the focus, and which events made this year different from others.

Firstly, we wanted to create a nice cover page that connects nature of numbers and nature of Serbia so we combined three beautiful images and created one unspecific meander. This meander can be seen only on the cover page of this publication and symbolize ups and downs that are typical for each  variable. That’s how we gave additional value to our client.

Then we finished design by distinguishing pillars and their infographics, figures and charts and  highlighting the facts that are crucial for reader to note. Images in the report followed the data written in the text, thanks to well prepared material.

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