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Europe & Central Asia | UNDP

With an impressive development progress over the past two decades, the countries of the Europe and Central Asia region (ECA) are primed for significant economic and social growth. Climate change, however, threatens to undermine decades of development gains and put at risk efforts to eradicate poverty. Tackling climate change must be central to efforts to reduce poverty and sustain development.

This publication explores lessons learned from over a decade of working with local and national governments to build and implement climate change adaptation projects in the region. The case studies highlighted in this publication give a comprehensive overview of UNDP support to climate resilience in ECA from 2005 to 2017. These country-driven projects benefitted from the financial and technical resources of a number of donors, including the Global Environment Facility (GEF), Adaptation Fund (AF), Green Climate Fund (GCF), European Union (EU), and bilateral donors.

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