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EU for Serbia - Support for safer products

EU for Serbia - Support for safer products


TVC | Institute for Standardization of Serbia

When people say a word “Well, that’s normal”, we never question what does it mean. What’s normal, standard or correct anyways? But if one society follows the standards in their everyday life and business,
people would live in a safer, healthier and reliable environment. 

It seemed that people weren't aware how important standardization is. That was the main reason for
our client to organize a campaign within project EU for Serbia - Support for safer products which should present benefits of standardization within our society.


Our part was to produce TV commercial and we absolutely loved that role. So, we wanted to present what it means to be off standard and what are the consequences for not complying. And here it is!
Our main character is a successful woman who finds herself in a few problematic situations but she pretends that they don’t affect her, so she's repeating quote “It doesn’t matter” in different ways.
At the end, she realizes that it’s time to stop pretending and confesses herself that standards do matter.

We can only try to imagine how her kitchen would look without the spilled water, how her bread would taste if it wasn’t burned due the lack of standardization in production or how her business with toasters would grow.
But, in real life, all of us take standardization for granted.

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