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Video has become primary communication channel and the most appealing and engaging tool to express the message. Production of professional animated videos and online distribution can propel each brand and enhance each marketing strategy. In order to meet client’s specific needs, video production company has to develop internal process that will ensure full understanding of the problem, crafting of the smart and unique concept, as well as premium execution and finalization of the video.

Small Arms Survey is organization specialized in analysis of small arms and armed violence, located in Geneva. They have trusted us with a production of explainer video for their SAENK project, focused to increase knowledge on practical implementation of the UN sanctions and arms embargo on North Korea.

Explanatory Videos production on such a sensitive theme can be challenging task, but even the most complex issues and stories can be simplified with adequate, tailor-made approach. Good script is essential for production of the great video. Therefore, MaxNova team makes efforts to work closely with clients in this crucial stage, in order to build strong foundation of the storyline before our illustrators and producers start their job.

MaxNova Creative has specialized in production of explainer videos for international organizations and projects such as Small Arms Survey. Our animated video portfolio includes clients like: UNDP, OSCE, UN Women, OHCHR, SEESAC and many others.

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