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Complete branding | SFITS

The SFITS is a Swiss Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery based in Geneva. It’s a devoted team of genious people and now they made the plan to upgrade their game.

We were supposed to create new branding and the challenge was following:

Communicate that they are from Geneva (read: Swiss precise)

State that they use contemporary technologies

Announce that they are upgraded and ready to spread their knowledge across the country

Present that they are adding real value to future surgeons, surgery as a science and society in general.

​So, we focused on the obvious – Switzerland!

What is the most famous in Switzerland besides cheese, high salary, beautiful landscape, polite people, watches, multiculturalism, efficient local democracy, righteous laws?

SPOILER ALERT! SWISS CROSS = „plus“ sign = adding value !

After that, everything went smoothly. We placed it at the postition of the Geneva and let it leave its wifi signal mark on the entire country!

Obvious, different, powerfull, precise and effective!

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