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The Book on VAT | Knjiga o PDV-u

The Book on VAT | Knjiga o PDV-u



Knjiga o PDV-u | Poreska kancelarija Tatić

…No money back, no guarantee, says chorus in theme song of John Sullivan’s “Only Fools and Horses”. The first time we heard about abbreviation VAT was during hours and hours of watching the adventures of the famous brothers from Peckham. For the last 15 years VAT become mandatory element of every invoice we issued, and we finally start to understand it from 2014, when we met Igor Tatić, and become providers of the creative services for Tax office Tatic.

The Book on VAT (Knjiga o PDV) is comprehensive edition on probably the most important regulation for any accountant. This monumental edition has 1,392 pages and contains complete and detailed explanations on the practical aspects of VAT regulations. In addition to the luxurious printed edition, an electronic (online) version was also designed by MaxNova team.

Albert Einstein once said: “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”, and we feel exactly the same as this great mind, after becoming familiar with value added tax thanks to The Book on VAT and Tax office Tatic.

Looking forward to new projects and challenges from Igor and his associates.

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