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Graphic design | UN OHCHR

Winning the war, losing the peace – such tragedy.

Leave no one behind (LNOB) is one of the central principles of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It represents an unambiguous dedication to ending discrimination or exclusion of any kind -
No one should be marginalized or prevented to show their full potential.
If people instinctively act by this principle toward their fellows during the war,
why do they neglect it in times of peace?

The UN OHCHR created an instrument as a guideline for the decision-makers in the Republic of Serbia to easily incorporate LNOB principle in future legal and strategic national documents.
They needed a clear and impactful design for this publication to grab the attention of the decision-makers, and make the document compelling and easily understandable for them.

As the great Serbian children’s poet Ljubivoje Ršumović would say: 

Homeland is defended with beauty
and honor and education
homeland is defended with life
and good behavior.

And with smart design, obviously.

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