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Branding, Packaging, Website | Forma BM

Who said that MaxNova doesn't like fruits !!?! We certainly do... Well, as long as it’s being distributed away from our office. :) Hence, clients like Forma BM are respected for contribution.

Anyway, Forma BM is expanding its production and export of apples to foreign markets and they needed our help to round up and standardize their visual presentation and B2B communication. They are small company mostly because they insist on a quality of the product before anything else. So, we needed to clearly present all the effort and emotions they invest in their business. It is crucial for their clients to know that Forma BM takes care of every detail in production - from the quality of land and water to the hand picking of the sweetest apples.

Being on the side of hard work and dedication (even if it’s about fruits)? Excuse us, we have a brand to create! 

In creating the logo, we obviously had to start with green but most of the competition based their logos on that color so we needed something distinctive. We needed to present full company name since it wasn’t recognizable and the logo needed to look clean, fresh and sweet as their apples. We added a little bit of apple pit shapes to represent the company’s plan for expanding apple orchards.

When it comes to packaging, we needed a distinctive boxes but design had to be practical because those boxes will be transported across the world, and as every decent traveler, they need to keep their clean look and elegance. Looks aren’t everything but it’s good when it emphasizes the essence.

Website design went smoothly after we realized the great ambiguity of the copy - Pick the sweetest.

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