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Brandbook | Ecorys

The right to be equal, treated kindly and professional, the righ to participate in decision-making and respect for rules… These are just some of the important postulates of the “Administration tailored to us all” program for the implementation of public administration reform supported by The Government of the Republic of Serbia and Delegation of the European Union to Serbia. Less people waiting in the row for new ID, checking last COVID-19 results online and online applying for kindergarten are only few great reform results.

The fact is that this reform is meaningful to each citizen of our country since we all want to do those administrative things faster and easier. That’s why many organizations, ministries and other state bodies that are working that hard on improving public administration. But…

When there is so many different organisations that want to present their reform results under the same program, that looks like a crossroads in third world countries. Crazzy. “Where to place the logo? What colors to use for reports? Others are doing differently... I don’t understand anything!“, you can imagine confused eployees screaming from their offices.

Then our client ECORYS decided to change things. They are puting all reform efforts together in a nice, marketing frame. So, they engaged us to set up dos and don’ts for using reform logo in many different uses, to set up colors, fonts, social media rules, promo material rules...

Everyrhing that can be used for presenting the reform must be uniformed!

After this project, when something is result of the public administration reform, everyone will recognize it.

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