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Complete branding | Cosmofame

We just love when we get the opportunity to set up a concept that offers so many ways of expressing creativity. And, yes, this one was hot! To be honest, firstly we knew nothing about Stamping Nail Art but we understood that our client needs a wide concept for completely new nail art technique, so we started digging. First conclusion was that this concept will be used for many years so we have to work smart, we need a solution that will stay attractive during the years. One tricky fact more: we have to brand so many different products and connect them somehow. The choice was mandala, motive that is everlasting in Nail Art industry.

Client loved this solution, but we needed something more, since our client presents new Stamping collection four times a year. „What do we change that often?“, we wondered Oh yes! We change our clothes from light to warm, we change our hairstyles when we need a change, we change our fashion details when we want to feel differently. So conclusion was, create a girl that will represent stamping collection and make her

different each time.

You can’t even imagine how much fun we had while we were choosing girls earrings and hair styles, looking for a nice hat for the summer collection and warm scarf for winter one. And the girl was named Olivia, we are really attached to her...

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