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but we do choose how it will look

We all know that sometimes life rules instead of us and that there are many things that are given to us, who knows why and how. It’s just the way it is, some things will never change. But there are things that can be different if we work on them carefully before they happen.

Maybe Rolf Gollob was thinking the same when he decided to direct families across the word to behave democratic. Council of Europe and The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development  recognized that ambition as very valuable for developing democracy in society. That’s how story about Growing up and Living in a Democratic Family has begun.

And we stepped in the process in most creative part – telling a story about one democratic family trough drawings and design. Client’s idea was that those two handbooks should be full of nice, and colorful drawings so we decided to create clean and light design in attention to leave enough space for drawings to stand out.

Than we created a democratic family. The goals was to imagine a family that works in perfectly democratic way. In that family should be few generations, few different stories, few happy people and few people a bit sadder. In that family should be someone who is not understand in this world, someone who is just different as well as someone who is just an ordinary human, someone who has a usual hobby and someone who loves to collect frogs. But more important, in that family everyone should act democratic, anyone’s opinion should be important and anyone should be listened.

So, that’s how we created a family full of different members so everyone who reads handbooks can relate with someone. And this family actually stared to live though the drawings because each member's reaction on the drawing was according to it’s character.

How excited we felt!

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