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Graphic Design │EUBID

The EU has its own program of developing Business incubators which would raise innovation, diligence and courage on its well-earned pedestal. Speaking of innovation, diligence and courage, MaxNova was knees-deep in idea of promoting the values which we appreciate and cherish.

Client needed powerful and inspirative, contemporary and corporate design for their Study on the Business Incubators in Serbia. The challenges were:

Make it corporate and still inspirative :)

Create a design similar to academic research paper

Do "something" with a bunch of maps and graphs with a headache causing amount of information.

As always, we approached it from the inside. What is the essence of this project?  

Business incubators, as its name says, are supposed to “nest” the startup projects until their little wings grow and they are ready to became glorious albatrosses flying vis-à-vis strong currents of business. Well, nest will be then!

High tech nest for innovation – that’s why lightbulbs are there. After that, the graphs were pure imagination!

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