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Complete rebranding | Champicomp

Did you know that there is about 14,000 mushroom species in the world? One of them is champignon, also known as a “button” mushroom. They can be found in forest, sure, but what type of soil is required for their growth in mass production? 
It turns out that fungi cultivation is based on special compost that has mycelium in it. 
And how we know that? Because our client, ChampiComp, is the largest manufacturer of champignon compost in Southeast Europe. Their name is well established but the visual identity had space for improvement.
We came up with idea to create new logo without using mushroom picture/illustration. How revolutionary, right? It turns out - it is, because it gives you a lot to think about. In one logo, you can see mycelium, letter “C”, part of a champignons in wide view and upward arrow, which symbolize growth. 
Our idea was to awake abstract thinkers and to cherish beauty formed in the eye of beholder. 
Tell us, what do you see at the first sight?

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